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Beyond Monologue (multiple copies)

Beyond Monologue (multiple copies)

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Beyond Monologue: Preparing Interactive Talks reimagines how we engage people with the story and message of Jesus through our public events. It describes an innovative approach, blending speaking with discussion, which has proved fruitful around the UK and the rest of Europe — both in the university campus setting, as well as in the local church. Drawing on years of experience, and full of stories, as well as reflections on culture and scripture, this is a vital resource for anyone involved in outreach events as either a speaker or organizer. Beyond Monologue is also ideal reading for preaching and leadership teams looking to refresh their practice in this area.


What readers are saying

‘A gem of a book... Whether you are new to public speaking, or looking to sharpen your skill, Beyond Monologue is a treasure trove of lessons and ideas that will help you clarify the purpose of your event, prepare well, and deliver an interactive talk that engages, inspires and influences your audience.’

Tim AdamsGeneral Secretary, International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES).


'Theological praxis at its best, providing scripturally-informed practical guidance, drawing on Luke Cawley's vast experience as a missional practitioner. If you are involved in public proclamation of the gospel, then this is essential reading.’

Kristi Mair, Lecturer in Philosophy, Ethics and Apologetics, Oak Hill College.


‘In the beginning was the conversation.’ So Erasmus translated John 1:1 in 1519. Out of the loving communion of Father-Son-Spirit, new life is always born. In the intervening half millennia, we’ve seen a rebirth of inter-activity in the humanities and arts, in education and sciences, even rediscovering the form of the church and how we make disciples. But what about preaching the gospel and evangelistic addresses?

On this, Luke Cawley leads the way ‘Beyond Monologue’. Heralding God’s word clearly is critical. But unless you bring this into divine dialogue with the cultural world your hearer inhabits, and draw out their personal story with well crafted questions that land in their everyday life, it’ll fall on deaf ears or leave them still born. Jesus modelled a better way to walk with disenchanted and disoriented people as they slowly stumble toward Emmaus.

Out of Luke’s extensive experience speaking with university students, he brilliantly explains why the time has come for a better conversation, especially in a Web3.0 world that respects everyone’s agency and freely invites them to wrestle. And he patiently guides every presenter to make natural bridges for a sceptical crowd to try Jesus on, and continue the journey with like-minded pilgrims. My heart jumps just picturing these buzzing rooms full of curious outsiders finding their own authentic way to faith through real community. Please, read and innovate. No gimmick, it’s right and it works. Enough talk. It’s time for new life to be born with a fresh dialogue-driven apologetic.'

Dave BensonDirector of Culture and Discipleship, London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC).


About the author

Luke Cawley is the Director of Chrysolis, a small non-profit which helps churches and organizations develop innovative projects engaging the people and culture around them. He has written or coedited several books, including Campus Lights: Students Living and Speaking for Jesus Around the World (Muddy Pearl, 2019), a journalistic account of God’s work in universities across the globe, and The Myth of the Non-Christian: Engaging Atheists, Nominal Christians and the Spiritual But Not Religious (IVP, 2016) — a practical guidebook to contextualised apologetics. Luke is also the co-creator of invisible castle, and on the leadership team of a growing local church in the South West of England.



Publication Date: September 2023

Length: 140 pages

ISBN: 978-1-3999-5694-9

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